2018/7/9"2018 KRC Report" has been updated.

2018/7/2"Message from the President" and "Main Customers" have been updated.

2018/6/25"Corporate Profile" has been updated.

2017/10/5"2017 KRC Report" and "Main Customers" have been updated.

2017/6/30New President message is appearing.

2017/6/22In June 22nd 2017, Yukihiro Omika assumed the Chairman, and Masayoshi Nakashima was appointed to the new company President.

2016/12/5Check out our new visualization ! : Shaking in the Tokyo Bay area during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.

2016/12/5We have summarized the damage investigation results caused by the 2016 Tottori-ken Chubu Earthquake and the Fukushima-ken Oki Earthquake.

2016/7/7We have summarized the damage investigation results caused by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake.

2016/6/28"2016 KRC Report" and "Main Customers" have been updated.

2016/6/23"Corporate Profile" has been updated.

2016/3/29"Published Papers" has been updated.

2016/3/10Check out our newly opened channel on YouTube !!

2015/11/13We have introduced English Version in our Website.

2015/7/17We have added new "To Our Customers".

2015/1/14Nippon Life Insurance Company has adopted our New-Generation Structural Health Monitoring System which is called as "q-NAVIGATOR".

2014/6/24We added the 2014 KRC Report.

2013/3/21We reconstituted the members of the shareholders.

2012/7/13We obtained "JIS Q 9001(ISO9001)" on 21 June, 2012.

2008/12/19Business of Design Week 2008 was held in Hong Kong, and President Yukihiro Omika and six other speakers were invited from Japan.

Large-scale seismic wave propagation analysis
of Nankai megathrust earthquake
Towards Seismic Damage Reduction
We Have Evaluated
Earthquake Ground Motions
and Structural Response.
We Have Developed
the Structural Control System
and Put Its Technologies to Practical Use.
We Have Protected Buildings
from their Damages
by Using New Innovative Technologies.